Dr. Warren Corson III - “Doc Warren” LPC, NCC, ACS, C.C.C., CCC-S:

Clinician, Clinical & Executive Director

email Doc: docwarren@docwarren.org

Born into a poor family, Doc Warren followed the path of many poor children. Lack of resources and lack of hope lead to dropping out of school. After becoming a teen father at 15 (he maintained custody of his son), Doc went back to school and broke the cycle by being the first in his family to graduate high school and then enter college. He has dedicated himself to helping others achieve their goals and dreams through community activism.

Doc has much experience working with individuals of all ages. His particular areas of interest are anxiety, depression, marital, veteran's issues, overcoming disabilities and ADHD.

Doc has a Ph.D. and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Counselor Education and Supervision from Vermont College of the Union Institute and University; a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in School Counseling from Vermont College of Norwich University; a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Vermont College of Norwich University; a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Vermont College of Norwich University; an Associates Degree in Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Counseling and a certificate in Human Services from Tunxis College. Doc is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, an Approved Clinical Supervisor in both the US and Canada, and is also a Certified School Counselor.

Doc Warren is an author, presenter and a columnist in the areas of mental health and professional practice. His work can be found in text books, The American Counseling Association, online at Counseling Today in his column Non-Profit News, and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. He has appeared at local, state, and national conferences and has provided training to clinical professionals from around the globe.

Doc provides many resources to clinicians including form templates, non-profit start-up guidance, and peer support, mentorship, and supervision. For more information, email him!


Lisa Corson, LPC, NCC: Clinician, Assistant Executive Director

email Lisa: lisa@docwarren.org

Lisa has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from American International College, is a licensed professional counselor in Connecticut, as well as a National Certified Counselor. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Alfred University and post graduate training from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. She is a known artist whose work has been exhibited around the world, commissioned works are displayed in many prominent locations and she has contributed to several art based books.

Lisa merges her extensive art background with the field of counseling psychology to offer art based counseling services as well as more traditional counseling approaches. For more information about this, see our brochure on using art in counseling.She has developed an ever growing art-based program that includes individuals, families and groups. Lisa also provides lectures and training in the field as well as providing art based therapeutic services to a growing number of programs in the Connecticut area.  


Sandra Godin, LPC, NCC: Clinician

email Sandra: sandra@docwarren.org

Sandra has a strong background in working with both children and adults of all ages. She is available for counseling for the general population, but has special interest/training in perinatal mood disorders (such as post-partum depression), issues relating to LGBTQ identification, parenting, and employment-related concerns. She has over 16 years of prior experience in parenting education, and is a Level 4 state-credentialed educator (CTPEC-L4), with specialized training in working with individuals with a history of trauma. She also holds an endorsement by the CT Association for Infant Mental Health, recognizing her skill in working with new mothers and/or fathers.

In addition to her MA in Counseling Psychology from American International College, she holds a second Master's degree in Education from the University of CT, and is experienced in working with children with depression/anxiety, behavior or attention issues impacting school success. 


Warren Corson IV, LPC: Clinician

email Warren: warren4th@docwarren.org

Warren graduated with his MA in Counseling Psychology from American International College in 2015 and has been practicing in the field since, working for an agency as both a clinician and clinical supervisor. Warren has experience with individual therapy, group therapy, intensive outpatient group therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. Though experienced working with a wide range of clients, Warren specializes in anxiety/depression, trauma, personality disorders, and addiction. Warren is also certified as a National Acupuncture Detoxification Association Acudetox specialist. Warren is available to take new clients Tuesday-Friday 1-7PM, and Saturdays 9AM-5PM.


Clinical Interns: Community Counseling has been a teaching institution since shortly after opening our doors in 2005. We accept Master’s Level interns from approved educational programs in the fields of Professional Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Social Work. Clinical interns are a vital part of our programming. Students gain the education and on the job clinical experience necessary to complete their degree programs while also assisting us to provide entirely FREE services to the community. If you are interested in seeing a clinical intern for services, please email lisa@docwarren.org or docwarren@docwarren.org. If you are interested in being an intern with us, fill out this form.