Build a Terrarium! Friday May 31, 6:30-8PM - Hosted by Audrey Bennett

Build a Terrarium $20 in advance if PayPal $23

This is a (2) part creative workshop
Part One - gather and set up
Part Two - create your Terrarium

You bring the Jar, bottle or container
Together we gather items from nature (you can bring items too)
I’ll bring specific things needed garden soil, clean sand, small stones, larger stones, long tweezers, and activated charcoal.
The process is Earth honoring and meditative, fun, and you go home with a beautiful creation that will continue to be a source of meditation, life, and balance.

* Bring clear, wide mouth mason jar, covered glass candy dish, other tall, clear vessel with a tight fitting lid.
* wear clothes to get dirty in

Good items to bring for the inside: small piece of clean, dry, driftwood, or stones to develop a landscape with - mini animals, collectibles, mushroom, fairies, figurines, etc
(Make sure items to put inside will not rust, or degrade with moisture)
Hosted by Audrey Bennett, Naturalistic Integrative Therapist
Paypal $23 to to reserve your spot and so supplies and some ingredients can be purchased by facilitator.

Questions call 860-819-8570